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Boys’ Festival, Japan

Boys’ Festival, Japan.jpg Chinese MandarinThumbnailsAndaman MincopiesChinese MandarinThumbnailsAndaman MincopiesChinese MandarinThumbnailsAndaman Mincopies

The fifth day of the fifth month is the Boys’ Festival. Then they are selling bows and arrows and other toy weapons everywhere. Everywhere they hang out great paper fishes, shaped like carp, and brightly painted. These are hung to tall bamboo poles of which there is one set in front of every house where they have a boy in the family. One fish is hung for each boy, and it is a gay sight to see the hundreds of bright fish waving and tossing in the wind. The reason 92why the carp is represented is because it swims up the river against the current; so it is hoped “the sturdy boy, overcoming all obstacles, will make his way in the world and rise to fame and fortune.”