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A true scorpion

A true scorpion.jpg A whip-scorpionThumbnailsA millipedeA whip-scorpionThumbnailsA millipedeA whip-scorpionThumbnailsA millipede

The true scorpions are widely distributed throughout warm countries and everywhere bear an evil reputation. According to Comstock (1912), about a score of species occur in the Southern United States. These are comparatively small forms but in the tropics members of this group may reach a length of seven or eight inches. They are pre-eminently predaceous forms, which lie hidden during the day and seek their prey by night.

The scorpions possess large pedipalpi, terminated by strongly developed claws, or chelæ. They may be distinguished from all other Arachnids by the fact that the distinctly segmented abdomen is divided into a broad basal region of seven segments and a terminal, slender, tail-like division of five distinct segments

Handbook of Medical Entomology
By William Albert Riley and Oskar Augustus Johanssen
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Available from gutenberg.org