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A Posture-Master.—XIV. Century

A Posture-Master.—XIV. Century.jpg A tumbling ApeThumbnailsA Justing ToyA tumbling ApeThumbnailsA Justing ToyA tumbling ApeThumbnailsA Justing Toy

The display of his abilities consisted in twisting and contorting his body into strange and unnatural attitudes. This art was, in doubt, practised by the jugglers in former ages; and a singular specimen of it, delineated on the last mentioned Bodleian MS., in the reign of Edward III., is here represented.

The performer bends himself backwards, with his head turned up between his hands, so as nearly to touch his feet; and in this situation he hangs by his hams upon a pole, supported by two of his confederates.

The Sports and Pastimes of the People of England from the Earliest Period to the Present Time
By Joseph Strutt
Published 1845
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