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Balancing.—XIV. Century

Balancing.—XIV. Century.jpg Balancing—XIV. CenturyThumbnailsBalancing —XIV. CenturyBalancing—XIV. CenturyThumbnailsBalancing —XIV. CenturyBalancing—XIV. CenturyThumbnailsBalancing —XIV. Century

This engraving, from a MS. in the Bodleian Library, represents a girl, as the length of the hair seems to indicate, habited like a boy, and kneeling on a large broad board, supported horizontally by two men; before her are three swords, the points inclined to each other, and placed in a triangular form; she is pointing to them with her right hand, and holds in her left a small instrument somewhat resembling a trowel, but I neither know its name nor its use.

The Sports and Pastimes of the People of England from the Earliest Period to the Present Time
By Joseph Strutt
Published 1845
Available from gutenberg.org