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Celtic women

Celtic women.jpg The Grecian Bend ThumbnailsTorquesThe Grecian Bend ThumbnailsTorquesThe Grecian Bend ThumbnailsTorques

A torque of gold was worn as a necklace, and bracelets of bronze or
gold were worn on the arms.
The hair, parted in the middle and flowing over the shoulders, was
bound by a circlet of gold and twisted wire.
Sometimes a sort of super-tunic, without sleeves and reaching to just
below the knees, with a check border, would be worn over the long gwn.
It was confined at the waist with a belt, fastened and ornamented with
bosses of bronze or gold.
Women of less exalted `rank` wore the same style of dress, but of
coarser cloth and less elaborately decorated.