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Shape. This garment varied in width across the shoulders. The
greater the distance between the neck-hole and the edge of the top
corner (see A B), the more the upper arm was hidden. This has the misleading effect of a sleeve to the elbow.
The Romans had a great aversion to anything in the nature of a close arm covering, so the fashion of wearing long shaped separate sleeves, set by
Alexander the Great, was not followed at Rome, as it was considered unmanly; besides, such sleeves were worn by foreigners and barbarians, so naturally this mode was distasteful to the patriotic intolerance
of a Roman citizen.

The Greek " kolobus," called by the Romans the "colobium." Another name for this garment was the "tunica". When more than one was worn, the under ones were called the "tunica interior" or "subucula." A long tunica was called "tunica talaris."