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The latest French fashions

The latest French fashions.jpg Godeys Fashion - 1854ThumbnailsSpring BonnetsGodeys Fashion - 1854ThumbnailsSpring BonnetsGodeys Fashion - 1854ThumbnailsSpring Bonnets

Evangeline and Annoinette

EVANGELINE.—Silk embroidered, and trimmed with two rows of guipure lace—one row of lace round the yoke, and one about ten inches from the bottom, each row headed with a narrow quilling of ribbon, which also goes down the front and round the neck. On the yoke and between the rows of lace there is handsome embroidery.

ANTOINETTE. An entirely new pattern.—The mantilla is entirely formed of rows of lace or pinked silk on a silk or thin foundation.

Godey's Lady's Book, Vol. 48-49, No. XVIII
May, 1854, by Various
Available from gutenberg.org