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Practical Dress Instructor

Practical Dress Instructor.jpg Spring FashionsThumbnailsAn Egyptian WomanSpring FashionsThumbnailsAn Egyptian WomanSpring FashionsThumbnailsAn Egyptian Woman

Headdress of the Lady on the Right.—Hair in bandeaux à la Niobe; torsade of pearls. Moire dress, low body, with progressive revers opening over a modestie of embroidered muslin edged with lace; short open sleeves à la Watteau; undersleeves of embroidered muslin; half-long gloves; bracelets of pearls, or more often worn different, according to choice.

The other Figure (Lady seated).—Cap of tulle trimmed with lace and ribbon. Low body, with revers open to waist; loose bell-shaped sleeves, edged with a bouillonne; two skirts trimmed with the same; modestie of embroidered muslin, edged with point de Venise; black velvet bracelets, half-long gloves, and Venetian fan.

Godey's Lady's Book, Vol. 48-49, No. XVIII
May, 1854, by Various
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