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Bust of Thothmes I, the first great Egyptian Conqueror

Bust of Thothmes I.jpg Egyptian Ships in the time of HatasuThumbnailsHead of Nefertari-AahmesEgyptian Ships in the time of HatasuThumbnailsHead of Nefertari-Aahmes

Thothmes I. was the grandson of the Aahmes who drove out the Hyksôs. He had thus hereditary claims to valour and military distinction. The Ethiopian blood which flowed in his veins through his grandmother, Nefertari-Aahmes, may have given him an additional touch of audacity, and certainly showed itself in his countenance, where the short depressed nose and the unduly thick lips are of the Cushite rather than of the Egyptian type. His father, Amen-hotep I., was a somewhat undistinguished prince; so that here, as so often, where superior talent runs in a family, it seems to have skipped a generation, and to have leapt from the grand-sire to the grandson.