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Where a Dinosaur Sat Down

Where a Dinosaur Sat Down.jpg Pterichthys, the Wing FishThumbnailsThe Track of a Three-toed DinosaurPterichthys, the Wing FishThumbnailsThe Track of a Three-toed Dinosaur

In the light of our present knowledge we are able to read many things in these tracks that were formerly more or less obscure, and to see in them a complete verification of Dr. Deane's suspicion that they were not made by birds. We see clearly that the long tracks called Anomœpus, with their accompanying short fore feet, mark where some Dinosaur squatted down to rest or progressed slowly on all-fours, as does the kangaroo when feeding quietly;[3] and we interpret the curious heart-shaped depression sometimes seen back of the feet, not as the mark of a stubby tail, but as made by the ends of the slender pubes, bones that help form the hip-joints. Then, too, the mark of the inner, or short first, toe, is often very evident, although it was a long time before the bones of this toe were actually found, and many of the Dinosaurs now known to have four toes were supposed to have but three.

Animals of the Past
By Frederic A. Lucas
Published in 1901
Available from gutenberg.org