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Overtaking a tram

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When overtaking a tram, also pay attention to the possibility that someone will jump in front of or from the tram. Giving a good signal and leaving as much road width as possible between the tram and your car is required. To catch up with a steam tram that hurls its plume over the road, and you it obstructs the view, it is advisable to wait until the wind chases away the steam. For the distance required to overtake a fast-moving vehicle such as a tram is too long, that the chance would not become too great that, in time, it would take to catch up with the plume of steam and drive through it. , in the meantime, a road obstruction would arise from the other side, which you would not have been able to see approaching. If you come across such a vehicle, moderate your speed so that you can stop vehicles suddenly emerging from that plume of steam. Give a strong signaland if necessary, stop the car on the right side of the road, until the tram has passed. Because then you have the most certainty, because then only a vehicle moving faster or as fast as the tram can cause danger. And this danger can be averted by giving a signal and keeping the right side of the road well.
[Translated online from the Dutch ]

Automobiel-rijden (Automobile driving)
By Tom Schilperoort
Language : Dutch
Available from gutenberg.org