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Catching a ground ball

Catching a ground ball.jpg John ClarksonThumbnailsBall hit high to the in-fieldJohn ClarksonThumbnailsBall hit high to the in-field

In fielding ground hits the short-stop should observe the general principles for such plays. He should, if possible, get directly and squarely in front of every hit, making his feet, legs, and body assist in stopping the ball, in case it gets through his hands.

If the ball comes on a "short bound," he should not push the hands forward to meet it, hut, having reached forward, "give" with the ball by drawing back the hands in the direction the ball should bound. In this way if the ball does not strike the hands fairly, its force will at least be deadened so that it will fall to the ground within reach of the player; whereas, if he pushes his hands forward and the ball does not strike fairly, it will be driven too far away.

How to Become a Player
By John M. Ward
Published 1888
Available from gutenberg.org