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Beaumaris Castle, Bird's Eye View

Beaumaris Castle, Bird's Eye View.jpg Beaumaris Castle, EntranceThumbnailsCharlemagneBeaumaris Castle, EntranceThumbnailsCharlemagneBeaumaris Castle, EntranceThumbnailsCharlemagne

The great hall, 70 feet by 23 feet 6 inches, occupies most of the first floor of the northern gatehouse, and is lighted from the court by five windows, of two lights each, with a transom, as at Stokesley and Ludlow, contemporary halls. The fireplace was on the opposite side. The roof was of timber, but with one stone rib, as at Charing. The southern gatehouse probably also contained a large chamber, now destroyed. The state-rooms and lodgings were in the gatehouses. The portals were of unusual length, and each was guarded by three grates.

Mediæval Military Architecture in England
By George Thomas Clark
Published 1884
Available from gutenberg.org