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Peripatus novæ zealandiæ

Peripatus novæ zealandiæ.jpg CarvingsThumbnailsRestoration of under side of a trilobiteCarvingsThumbnailsRestoration of under side of a trilobite

A, Peripatus novæ zealandiæ.—After Sedgwick, from Lang.
B, Peripatus capensis, side view, enlarged about twice the natural size.—After Moseley, from Balfour.
C, Anatomy of Peripatus capensis. The enteric canal behind the pharynx has been removed.
g, brain;
a, antenna;
op, oral or slime papillæ;
sd, slime gland;
sr, slime reservoir, which at the same time acts as a duct to the gland;
so4, so5, so6, so9, nephridia of the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 9th pairs of limbs;
cd, elongated coxal gland of the last pair of feet;
go, genital aperture;
an, anus;
ph, pharynx;
n, longitudinal trunk of the nervous system.—After Balfour, from Lang.
D, Portion of the body of Peripatus capensis opened to show the scattered tufts of tracheæ (tr);
v, v, ventral nerve cords.—After Moseley.

A Text-book of Entomology
by Alpheus S. Packard
Published 1898
Available from gutenberg.org