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A ship of war, wth crossbowmen

A ship of war, wth crossbowmen.jpg CrossbowmenThumbnailsCrossbowmenCrossbowmenThumbnailsCrossbowmenCrossbowmenThumbnailsCrossbowmen

Of this plate Valturius quaintly writes: ' When everything is cleared for navigation
before the charge is made upon the enemy, it is well that those who are about to engage the foe should first practise in port, and grow accustomed to turn the tiller in calm water, to get ready the iron grapples and hooked poles, and sharpen the axes and scythes at their ends. The soldiers should learn to stand firm upon the decks and keep their footing, so that what they learn in sham fight they may not shrink from in real action.

The Book of the Crossbow
By Ralph Payne-Gallwey
Published in 1903, 1995
Available from Internet Archive