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Gearless, 75 H.P

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Gearless, 75 H.P.  Gearless Transmission Co., Rochester, N. Y.

PRICE: $3,750
BODY: Side entrance tonneau
SEATS: 7 persons
WEIGHT: 3,000 pounds
WHEEL-BASE: 128 inches
TREAD: 56 inches
TIRES, FRONT: 36 × 4 inches
TIRES, REAR: 36 × 4½ inches
STEERING: Worm and nut
BRAKES: On transmission and 2 on each rear hub
SPRINGS: Semi-elliptical
FRAME: Pressed steel
BORE: 413/16 in.; STROKE: 5⅝ in.
CYLINDERS: 6 vertical in front
VALVE ARRANGEMENT: Inlet and exhaust in side ports
MOTOR SUSPENSION: From sub-frame
IGNITION: Jump spark, 2 sets of plugs
CURRENT SUPPLY: Storage battery and magneto
CARBURETER: Float-feed
LUBRICATION: Pump driven by gears
MOTOR-CONTROL: Spark and throttle
CLUTCH: Expanding ring
CHANGE GEAR: Gearless 1907 model, direct drive
SPEEDS: 2 forward and reverse
CHANGE-GEAR CONTROL: Foot pedal for forward speeds; side lever for back up
DRIVE: Shaft