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Loon, Breeding Plumage

Loon, Breeding Plumage.jpg Herring Gull, Breeding PlumageThumbnailsPied-billed Grebe, Breeding PlumageHerring Gull, Breeding PlumageThumbnailsPied-billed Grebe, Breeding Plumage

Gavia immer immer (Brünnich)
Other Names.—Great Northern Diver; Loom.

Description.—Size large; bill long and sharp; tail very short, with legs sticking out behind. Adults in spring: Upperparts black, with bluish and greenish reflections; patches on throat and sides of neck streaked with white; back and wings marked regularly with rows of white squares; underparts silvery white; sides black, spotted finely with white; eyes red. Immature birds and adults in winter: Upperparts blackish, margined with gray and without white spots; throat and neck grayish; underparts white. Length: about 30 inches.

An Introduction to the Birds of Pennsylvania
By George Miksch Sutton
Published in 1928
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Sunday 30 May 2021