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Herring Gull, Breeding Plumage

Herring Gull, Breeding Plumage.jpg Canada GooseThumbnailsLoon, Breeding PlumageCanada GooseThumbnailsLoon, Breeding Plumage

Other Names.—Sea Gull; Gray Gull.

Description.—Sexes similar. Adults in summer: White, with pearl-gray back and wings; tips of wings black with white spots; bill yellow with orange spot near tip of lower mandible; feet pale pink; eyes pale yellow. Adults in winter: Similar, with gray spots on head and neck. Immature birds: Dark gray-brown at a distance, with blackish bill and dark brown eyes; in the hand the upper-parts are found to be dark gray, considerably marked with buffy. The acquiring of fully adult plumage requires several moults. Birds which are not fully adult may have black-tipped, white tails. Young in their first flight plumage are darker than older individuals. Length: 24 inches.

An Introduction to the Birds of Pennsylvania
By George Miksch Sutton
Published in 1928
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Posted on
Sunday 30 May 2021