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Acanthus latifolius (lusitanicus).

Acanthus latifolius.jpg Anemone japonica albaThumbnailsWitsenia mauraAnemone japonica albaThumbnailsWitsenia mauraAnemone japonica albaThumbnailsWitsenia maura

Ornamental foliaged herbaceous Section; retaining its leaves till very late in the year.

The leaves of this are bold and noble in outline, and the plant has a tendency, rare in some hardy things with otherwise fine qualities, to retain them till the end of the season without losing a particle of their freshness and polished verdure. In fact, the only thing we have to decide about this subject is, what is the best place for it? Now, it is one of those things that will not disgrace any position, and will prove equally at home in the centre of the mixed border, projected in the grass a little from the edge of a choice shrubbery, or in the flower-garden; nobody need fear its displaying anything like the seediness which such things as the Heracleums show at the end of summer.