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Bambusa aurea

Bambusa aurea.jpg Bocconia cordataThumbnailsBambusa falcata (Arundinaria falcata)Bocconia cordataThumbnailsBambusa falcata (Arundinaria falcata)Bocconia cordataThumbnailsBambusa falcata (Arundinaria falcata)

A very hardy and graceful Chinese species, differing but slightly from B. viridi-glaucescens in size and habit, and forming elegant tufts with its slender much-branched stems, which attain a height of from 6½ ft. to 10 ft., and are of a light-green colour when young, changing into a yellowish hue, and finally becoming of a straw-yellow when fully grown. The leaves are lance-shaped acute, light green, and are distinguished from those of B. viridi-glaucescens by having their under surface less glaucescent, and the sheath always devoid of the long silky hairs. The preliminary remarks on culture, etc., will apply to all the species here described.

The Subtropical Garden;
or, beauty of form in the flower garden.
Author: W. Robinson
Published in 1871
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