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Bocconia cordata

Bocconia cordata.jpg Blechnum brasilienseThumbnailsBambusa aureaBlechnum brasilienseThumbnailsBambusa aureaBlechnum brasilienseThumbnailsBambusa aurea

This is a fine plant in free soil, but comparatively poor in that which is bad or very stiff. It forms handsome erect tufts from 5 ft. to over 8 ft. high, and is admirably suited for embellishing the irregular or sloping parts of pleasure-grounds. The stems grow rather closely together, and are thickly set with large, reflexed, deeply-veined, oval-cordate leaves, the margins of which are somewhat lobed or sinuated. The flowers, which are rosy-white and very numerous, are borne in very large terminal panicles. The flowers are not in themselves pretty, but the inflorescence, when the plant is well grown,
has a distinct and pleasing appearance.

The Subtropical Garden;
or, beauty of form in the flower garden.
Author: W. Robinson
Published in 1871
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