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Caladium esculentum

Caladium esculentum.jpg Buphthalmum speciosumThumbnailsCannaBuphthalmum speciosumThumbnailsCannaBuphthalmum speciosumThumbnailsCanna

Tender Section; displaying noble leaves during summer in the warmer parts of the southern counties.

This species has, for outdoor work, proved the best of a large genus with very fine foliage. It is only in the midland and southern counties of Great Britain that it can be advantageously grown, so far as I have observed; but its grand outlines and aspect when well developed make it worthy of all attention, and of a prominent position wherever the climate is warm enough for its growth. It may be used with great effect in association with many fine foliage-plants; but Ferdinanda, Ricinus, and Wigandia usually grow too strong for it, and, if planted too close, injure it.

The Subtropical Garden;
or, beauty of form in the flower garden.
Author: W. Robinson
Published in 1871
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