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Carlina acaulis

Carlina acaulis.jpg CannaThumbnailsBlechnum brasilienseCannaThumbnailsBlechnum brasilienseCannaThumbnailsBlechnum brasiliense

A hardy perennial, rather interesting from its foliage, which has some resemblance to the leaves of a miniature Acanthus, and is disposed in a broad, handsome, regular rosette very close to the ground. Its single yellowish flower, 3 ins. or more across, is borne on a very short, erect stalk in the centre of the rosette. Although too dwarf for association with plants of more imposing stature, it is well worthy of a place on a bank or slope, or on the margins of low beds or `groups`, where its pleasing aspect and very distinct habit will be seen to best advantage.

The Subtropical Garden;
or, beauty of form in the flower garden.
Author: W. Robinson
Published in 1871
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