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Centaurea babylonica

Centaurea babylonica.jpg GourdsThumbnailsColocasia odorataGourdsThumbnailsColocasia odorataGourdsThumbnailsColocasia odorata

Among the Centaureas there are a few subjects which might be used among hardy fine-leaved plants, but by far the most distinct and remarkable is the very silvery-leaved C. babylonica. This is quite hardy, and when planted in good ground, sends up strong shoots, clad with yellow flowers, to a height of 10 ft. or 12 ft. The bloom, which continues from July to September, is not by any means so attractive as the leaves; but the plant is at all times picturesque. In `groups`, or, still better, isolated, on rough or undulating parts of pleasure-grounds, it has a very fine effect. A free sandy loam suits it best.

The Subtropical Garden;
or, beauty of form in the flower garden.
Author: W. Robinson
Published in 1871
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