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Hammock Waggon

Hammock Waggon.jpg Horse LitterThumbnailsHackney Coaches in London, 1637Horse LitterThumbnailsHackney Coaches in London, 1637

Supposed to have been in use in England about

A.D.. 1100-1200.

Strutt states that the chariot of the Anglo-Saxons was used by distinguished persons for travel. If the illustrations from which he describes them give a fair idea of their proportions and general construction, they must have been singularly uncomfortable conveyances. The drawing is taken from an illuminated manuscript of the Book of Genesis in the Cotton Library (Claud. B. iv.), which Strutt refers to the ninth century, but which a later authority considers a production of the earlier part of the eleventh. The original drawing shows a figure in the hammock waggon, which figure represents Joseph on his way to meet Jacob on the latter’s arrival in Egypt; this figure has been erased in order to give a clear view of the conveyance, which no doubt correctly represents a travelling carriage of the artist’s own time, viz., a.d. 1100-1200.

Title: Early Carriages and Roads
Author: Walter Gilbey
Pulished in 1903
Available from gutenberg.org