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Coach of Queen Elizabeth’s Ladies

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Showing near-side “Boot.”

Coaches with "Boots"

From Coach and Sedan, we obtain a quaint but fairly graphic description of the coach of this period:—

“The coach was a thick, burly, square-set fellow in a doublet of black leather, brasse button’d down the breast, back, sleeves and wings, with monstrous wide boots, fringed at the top with a net fringe, and a round breech (after the old fashion) gilded, and on his back an atchievement of sundry coats [of arms], in their proper colours.”

The “boots” were projections at the sides of the body between the front and back wheels, as shown in the drawing of the coach occupied by Queen Elizabeth’s ladies; and there is much evidence to support the opinion that these boots were not covered.

Title: Early Carriages and Roads
Author: Walter Gilbey
Pulished in 1903
Available from gutenberg.org