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Queen Elizabeth’s Travelling Coach

Queen Elizabeth’s Travelling Coach.jpg Mr. Daniel Bourn’s Roller Wheel Waggon -1763ThumbnailsGoing to Bury FairMr. Daniel Bourn’s Roller Wheel Waggon -1763ThumbnailsGoing to Bury Fair

Queen Elizabeth travelled in a coach, either the one built by Walter Rippon or that brought by Boonen (who, by the way, was appointed her coachman), on some of her royal progresses through the kingdom. When she visited Warwick in 1572, at the request of the High Bailiff she “caused every part and side of the coach to be opened that all her subjects present might behold her, which most gladly they desired.”

The vehicle which could thus be opened on “every part and side” is depicted incidentally in a work executed by Hoefnagel in 1582, which Markland believed to be probably the first engraved representation of an English coach. As will be seen from the reproduction here given, the body carried a roof or canopy on pillars, and the intervening spaces could be closed by means of curtains.

Title: Early Carriages and Roads
Author: Walter Gilbey
Pulished in 1903
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