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Hertfordshire Society of Archers

Hertfordshire Society of Archers.jpg The Rose QueenThumbnailsArchery DressesThe Rose QueenThumbnailsArchery DressesThe Rose QueenThumbnailsArchery Dresses

Women were not slow to appreciate the gracefulness of archery, and it soon became a fashionable amusement, the Lady Salisbury of the time being one of its most ardent supporters. Most of the societies adopted a distinctive dress, in which white and green predominated. The Royal British Bowmen adorned their Lady Patroness with a white feather in her hat, the other lady members being compelled to wear black ones, while their dresses were green with pink vandykes round the edge of skirt. The Harley Bush Bowmen were so fond of the distinctive colour, that they even had green boots, and it is pleasant to know that it was provided by the rules these should be "easy fitting!"

The Sportswoman's Library, Vol. 1 of 2
Editor: Frances E. Slaughter
Published in 1898
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Sport, Women