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Sign of the 'Running Horse'

Sign of the 'Running Horse'.jpg Costers and CockneysThumbnailsEsher Old ChurchCosters and CockneysThumbnailsEsher Old Church

Why the crowd resorted thus to tipple the horrible compound does not appear: one would rather drink the usual glucose and dilute sulphuric acid of modern times. The pictorial sign of the old house still proudly declares—

“When Skelton wore the laurel crown
My ale put all the alewives down.”

To do that, you would think, it must needs have been both good and cheap. Certainly, if the portrait-sign of Elynor be anything like her, customers did not resort to the “Running Horse” to bask in her smiles, for she is represented as a very plain, not to say ugly, old lady with a predatory nose plentifully studded with warts.

Cycle Rides Round London
Author: Charles G. Harper
Published in 1902
Available from www.gutenberg.org