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Man with curved stick

Man with curved stick.jpg Paint mortar, Diam 2½″.ThumbnailsHuntersPaint mortar, Diam 2½″.ThumbnailsHunters

One of the most instructive food bowls found at Oldtown, now owned by Mr. Osborn, has on it a picture of two hunters, one on each side of an animal (fig. 15). One of these hunters carries in his hand a stick crooked at the end, its form suggesting a throwing stick. Both hunters have laid aside their quivers, bows, and arrows, which are shown behind them. The picture of an animal between them has been so mutilated by "killing" or breaking the bowl that it is impossible28 to identify it. From the end of this crook to the body of the animal there extend two parallel lines of dots indicating the pathway of a discharged weapon. Near the body of the animal these rows of dots take a new direction, as if the weapon had bounded away or changed its course. The rows of dots are supposed to represent lines of meal by which Pueblos are accustomed to symbolically indicate trails or "roads."

Archeology of the lower Mimbres valley, New Mexico
By Jesse Walter Fewkes
Published in 1914
Available from gutenberg.org