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A seventeenth century musketeer

A seventeenth century musketeer.jpg PatreroThumbnailsPlan of North Carolina sharpie of the 1880'sPatreroThumbnailsPlan of North Carolina sharpie of the 1880's

A seventeenth century musketeer ready to fire his matchlock.
From Jacques de Gheyn, Maniement d’Armes, 1608.

The military supplies which the Pilgrims brought with them may be divided into three major categories: defensive armor, edged weapons, and projectile weapons. A completely armed man, especially in the first years, was usually equipped with one or more articles from each of the three groups, usually a helmet and corselet, a sword, and a musket.

Arms and Armour of the Pilgrims 1620 - 1692
By Harold L. Peterson
Available from gutenberg.org