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Bessemer Converting Vessel

Bessemer Converting Vessel.png Nasmyth's Steam-hammerThumbnailsBessemer ProcessNasmyth's Steam-hammerThumbnailsBessemer ProcessNasmyth's Steam-hammerThumbnailsBessemer Process

a, a, a, tuyères; b, air-space; c, melted metal

A very important development of the manufacture of steel followed the introduction of the 'Bessemer process,' by means of which a low carbon or mild cast-steel can be produced at about one-tenth of the cost of crucible steel. It is used for rails, for the tires of the wheels of railway carriages, for ship-plates, boiler-plates, for shafting, and a multitude of constructional and other purposes to which only wrought iron was formerly applied, besides many for which no metal at all was used.

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