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Till we all come in the unity of the faith

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CHRISTIAN Faith is represented by a union of Truth, Hope, and Love. The hope of heaven is represented by the apostle Paul as the anchor of the soul, consequently Hope is usually depicted leaning on an anchor. She holds Truth by the hand, showing that they must be in close alliance. Truth holds in her hand the Holy Bible as a mirror, whereby sinful men can see the deformity of their hearts. With her right hand, she receives the overtures of Hope; she tramples under her feet the mask of Hypocrisy; simple and unadorned, she rejects the cloak of dissimulation, and casts aside all concealment.
Love holds the middle place,and strengthens the union subsisting between Hope and Truth. Divine Love is drawn with wings, to represent her heavenly origin.
Faith is both created and preserved by Hope, Truth, and Love.