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"Any Brooms or Brushes today?"

Brooms.png "Meeleck!  Come Meeleck, Come!"Thumbnails "Strawberries! Here's Strawberries.""Meeleck!  Come Meeleck, Come!"Thumbnails "Strawberries! Here's Strawberries."

"Many ways to get a living!" some might think, when the broom-dealers are seen going about the streets, with a load of Brooms and Brushes, crying aloud. These useful articles, so much prized by the nice house-wife, are made of Broom-corn whisk, chiefly; and sell from 12 1/2 to 18 3/4 cents each. Those made by the people called Shakers, are much the neatest and best, and will command from 6 to 10 cents more.

The New-York Cries, in Rhyme Published in 1828 Available from books.google.com