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The Dancing Family

The Dancing Family.jpg The Little Jumping GirlsThumbnailsThe Dancing FamilyThe Little Jumping GirlsThumbnailsThe Dancing Family

Pray let me introduce you to
This little dancing family;
For morning, afternoon, and night
They danced away so happily.

They twirled round about,
They turned their toes out;
The people wondered what the noise
Could all be about.

They danced from early morning,
Till very late at night;
Both in-doors and out-of-doors,
With very great delight.

And every sort of dance they knew,
From every country far away;
And so it was no wonder that
They should keep dancing all the day.

So dancing—dancing—dancing,
In sunshine or in rain;
And when they all left off,
Why then—they all began again.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Marigold Garden, by Kate Greenaway
Posted on
Monday 4 May 2020