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Handels Birthplace

Handels Birthplace.jpg George Frederick HandelThumbnailsBeethovenGeorge Frederick HandelThumbnailsBeethovenGeorge Frederick HandelThumbnailsBeethoven

Handel's birthplace, Halle, Saxony.

George Frederick Handel, as the boy was named, was the son of a surgeon of Halle, Lower Saxony, in which town the child was born on February 23, 1685. Even before he could speak little George had shown a remarkable fondness for music, and the only toys he cared for were such as were capable of producing musical sounds. With this love for music, however, the father showed no sympathy whatever; he regarded the art with contempt, as something beneath the serious notice of one who aspired to be a gentleman, and that his child should have expressed an earnest desire to be taught to play only served to make him angry.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Story-Lives of Great Musicians, by Francis Jameson Rowbotham
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Monday 1 June 2020