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Mammoth Hunt

Mammoth Hunt.jpg Primitive SledgeThumbnailsA hunter using an atlatlPrimitive SledgeThumbnailsA hunter using an atlatl

To pierce the skin of one of the large animals, such as a mastodon or mammoth, the hunters had to be close to the powerful beast. They hurled or jabbed their spears at the animal, and tried to confuse and immobilize their prey. Perhaps several hunters surrounded an isolated animal waving their arms and distracting it while one or two others speared it. If the animal was wounded, the hunters would have tracked it until it became very weak or went to water to drink. Even a mastodon, wounded and exhausted, or mired in the mud of a shallow lake, would have been relatively easy game for a small group of experienced hunters.

Louisiana Prehistory
By Robert W. Neuman and Nancy W. Hawkins Neuman
Published in 1982
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