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Soldiers - 12 th Century

Soldiers - 12 th Century.jpg Sword-DanceThumbnails10th Century soldierSword-DanceThumbnails10th Century soldierSword-DanceThumbnails10th Century soldier

From Harleian Roll, Y. 6. The Life of Saint Guthlac. Date, about the close of the twelfth century. The figures wear the tunic, hauberk of chain-mail, and square-topped helmets, of which one only has the nasal. The triangular shields are suspended round the neck by the guige : their ornaments are mere fanciful patterns, not heraldic. No armour appears to be provided for the lower part of the figures.

Ancient Armour and Weapons in Europe
By John Hewitt
Published in 1855
Available from books.google.com