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The George Hotel, Ruislip

The George Hotel, Ruislip.jpg Milton’s Cottage, Chalfont St. GilesThumbnailsThe Old Lychgate, PenshurstMilton’s Cottage, Chalfont St. GilesThumbnailsThe Old Lychgate, Penshurst

Round about “Riselip,” as its inhabitants call it, they grow hay, cabbages, potatoes, and other useful, if humble, vegetables; and, by dint of great patience and industry, manage to get them up to the London market. It is only at rare intervals that the villagers ever see a railway engine, for Ruislip is far remote from railways, and so the place and people keep their local character.Two or three remarkably quaint inns face the central space round which the old and new cottages are grouped, and the very large church stands modestly behind, its battlemented tower peering over the tumbled roofs and gable-ends with a fine effect, an effect that would be still finer were it not that the miserably poor “restoration” work of the plastered angles, done by that dreadful person, Sir Gilbert Scott, is only too apparent.