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The Death of Wolfe

The Death of Wolfe.jpg General MontcalmThumbnailsPatrick HenryGeneral MontcalmThumbnailsPatrick HenryGeneral MontcalmThumbnailsPatrick Henry

The fighting was stubborn and furious, and Wolfe was in the thickest of the fray. While he was leading a charge, a bullet tore through his wrist. Quickly wrapping his handkerchief about the wound, he dashed forward until he was for the third time struck by a bullet, this time receiving a mortal wound. Four of his men bore him in their arms to the rear, and wished to send for a surgeon; but Wolfe said, "There's no need; it's all over with me." A little later, hearing someone cry "They run; see how they run!" he asked, "Who runs?" "The enemy, sir. Egad, they give way everywhere!" Then said Wolfe in his last moments, "Now, God be praised. I will die in peace."

Project Gutenberg's American Leaders and Heroes, by Wilbur Fisk Gordy Published 1907
Death, War