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A Turkish 'Cavass'

A Turkish 'Cavass'.jpg Boot-Blacks of CairoThumbnailsThe Story Teller of the DesertBoot-Blacks of CairoThumbnailsThe Story Teller of the Desert

The police were very civil, and the “cavass,” or police officer on duty in front of our party, kept the population from crowding us in conveniently close. The “cavass” was arrayed in gorgeous style, and a franc slipped into his hand proved a good investment; where he had before used words he now used a stick, and soon 150convinced the multitude that it had no rights which he or we were bound to respect. We had front places, and the fellow even brought a couple of bricks on which the lady of our party could stand and thus preserve her feet from the dampness of the earth.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Story Teller of the Desert--"Backsheesh!", by Thomas W. Knox Published in 1885