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Egyptian 'Shadoof'

Egyptian 'Shadoof'.jpg Winged Sun of ThebesThumbnailsEgyptian 'Sakiyeh'Winged Sun of ThebesThumbnailsEgyptian 'Sakiyeh'Winged Sun of ThebesThumbnailsEgyptian 'Sakiyeh'

The commonest of these machines is the shadoof. It is a sort of balance, with a weight at one end and a cord and bucket at the other. The arm of the balance rests upon a bar of wood, which is supported by two wooden posts, the whole resembling the horizontal bar of a gymnasium. The posts are about five feet high and two or three feet apart, and they are set up on the top of a bank, close to the edge, so that the end of the arm which bears the bucket may project over the water. This arm is made out of a slender branch of a tree, and is fastened to the horizontal bar by loops of cord. Its thicker end is loaded with a large, round ball of mud, while the other carries a long cord, or even a slender stick, at the end of which is the bucket, or bowl, in which the water is raised.

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Egypt, Middle East