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Paganini.jpg Hairstyles for 1836ThumbnailsThe costumes given for 1835 are a nursemaid and childrenHairstyles for 1836ThumbnailsThe costumes given for 1835 are a nursemaid and children

In a notice of his first concert, the Times says—

"The personal appearance of Paganini is remarkable. He is a tall, thin man, with features rather emaciated, pale complexion, a sharp, aquiline nose, and a keen eye, the expression of which is greatly heightened when he is animated by his performance. His hair, which is dark, is worn long behind, and combed off the forehead and temples, in a manner which gives an air of great simplicity to his countenance. He seems to be about fifty years of age.

"The enthusiasm which his performance excited last night among the audience certainly surpassed anything of the kind within these walls. Every tour de force and striking passage was not only applauded, but cheered by the whole audience, and some of the variations were encored. At the end of every performance, and especially after the last, the applause, cheering, and waving of handkerchiefs and hats, altogether presented a most extraordinary scene. Foreigners, who have been present at his concerts in several other parts of Europe, remarked that the applause bestowed, and the enthusiasm excited last night, were greater than they had ever witnessed before."

The Project Gutenberg EBook of When William IV. Was King,
by John Ashton
Published in 1896