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Duryea Automobile

Duryea Automobile.jpg Wendell Bollmans Patent BridgeThumbnailsHe called to the coachman to stopWendell Bollmans Patent BridgeThumbnailsHe called to the coachman to stop

Description of first trip in the car

When I got this car ready to run one night, I took it out and I had a young fellow with me; I thought I might need him to help push in case the car didn't work…. We ran from the area of the shop where it was built down on Taylor Street. We started out and ran up Worthington Street hill, on top of what you might call "the Bluff" in Springfield. Then we drove along over level roads from there to the home of Mr. Markham , and there we refilled this tank with water. [At this point he was asked if it was pretty well emptied by then.] Yes, I said in my account of it that when we got up there the water was boiling furiously. Well, no doubt it was. We refilled it and then we turned it back and drove down along the Central Street hill and along Maple, crossed into State Street, dropped down to Dwight, went west along Dwight to the vicinity where we had a shed that we could put the car in for the night. During that trip we had run, I think, just about six miles, maybe a little bit more. That was the first trip with this vehicle. It was the first trip of anything more than a few hundred yards that the car had ever made.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Smithsonian Institution - United States National Museum - Bulletin 240, by Anonymous
Posted on
Monday 1 June 2020