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Onager.jpg Powder MillThumbnailsNew Pattern EprouvettePowder MillThumbnailsNew Pattern Eprouvette

Of machines formed on the sling principle, that called Onager may be regarded as typical of all the rest. Its force entirely depended upon the torsion of a short thick rope, acting upon a lever which described an arc of a vertical circle. The lever had attached to its free extremity a sling, or sometimes it merely terminated in a spoon-shaped cavity. When bent back, it was secured by a catch or trigger, and charged with a stone. On starting the catch by a blow with a mallet, the lever described its arc of a circle with great velocity, and projected the stone to a considerable distance.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Class Book for The School of Musketry Hythe, by E. C. Wilford Published 1861
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