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An excellent device for catching minnows

An excellent device for catching minnows.png An Indian tepeeThumbnailsA reflector camp ovenAn Indian tepeeThumbnailsA reflector camp oven

The simplest way to catch minnows is with a drop net. Take an iron ring or hoop such as children use and sew to it a bag of cotton mosquito netting, half as deep as the diameter of the ring. Sew a weight in the bottom of the net to make it sink readily and fasten it to a pole. When we reach the place which the minnows frequent, such as the cove of a lake, we must proceed very cautiously, lowering the net into the water and then baiting it with bits of bread or meat, a very little at a time, until we see a school of bait darting here and there over the net. We must then give a quick lift without any hesitation and try to catch as many as possible from escaping over the sides. The minnow bucket should be close at hand to transfer them to and care must be used not to injure them or allow them to scale themselves in their efforts to escape.

Outdoor Sports and Games
By Claude H. Miller
Published 1911
Available as a free download from gutenberg.org