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Room to pass

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It is also important to know, if you have to go through or along somewhere close with your car, what width you need. That can become such a certainty for you that it will look like virtuosity to the uninitiated. It's a matter of routine, of course, but it can be extremely practiced. It must be started with calculating the extreme points of the fenders. Later on, even this aid is often redundant. The best way to learn this is to place two blocks of wood on the ground, or to drive two posts, which are measured just the width of the wagon apart. Riding on that is the means of learning to estimate a narrow passage. Is the width wide enough to pass, but what When measured tight, keep flat on the side of the traffic obstruction, which is on your and steering wheel side. After all, here you can see exactly how close you can get without the risk of a collision. The other side will then be free of itself.

[Translated online from the Dutch ]

Automobiel-rijden (Automobile driving)
By Tom Schilperoort
Language : Dutch
Available from gutenberg.org