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Brass to Sir John D’Abernon

Brass to Sir John D’Abernon.jpg Costers and CockneysThumbnailsEsher Old ChurchCosters and CockneysThumbnailsEsher Old Church

For the happily increasing class of tourists who are interested in archæology, let it be noted here that the chancel of this church contains the earliest monumental brass in the kingdom, the mail-clad effigy of Sir John D’Abernon, dated 1277.

Many of his race, before and after his time, lie here. The life-sized engraved figure of this Sir John, besides being the earliest, is also one of the most beautiful. Clad from head to foot in a complete suit of chain mail,his hands clasped in prayer, heraldic shield on one arm, his pennoned lance under the other, and his great two-handed sword hanging from a broad belt outside the surcoat, this is a majestic figure. His feet rest on a writhing lion, playfully represented by the engraver of the brass as biting the lance-shaft.

Cycle Rides Round London
Author: Charles G. Harper
Published in 1902
Available from www.gutenberg.org