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The Hand-organ performance

The Hand-organ performance.jpg Going up a ladderThumbnailsA jugglerGoing up a ladderThumbnailsA jugglerGoing up a ladderThumbnailsA juggler

After the horse has learned to take hold readily of anything offered to him, which knowledge he will have acquired if he has already learned to perform the tricks heretofore mentioned, the only additional instruction necessary will be to initiate him into the mysteries of turning the handle. When he has taken hold of the handle, gently move his head so as to produce the desired motion. If, when you let go of his head, he ceases the motion, speak sharply to him and put his head again in motion. With almost any horse a few lessons, and judicious rewards when he does what is required, will accomplish the object, and he will soon both be able and willing to grind out Old Dog Tray, or Norma, if not in exact time at least with as much correctness as many performers on this instrument.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Haney's Art of Training Animals, by Anonymous. Published in 1869