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Corean Hat

Corean Hat.jpg Finns Singing.ThumbnailsChinese MandarinFinns Singing.ThumbnailsChinese MandarinFinns Singing.ThumbnailsChinese Mandarin

But the most curious part of Corean dress is the hat. There are many different kinds. There are hats for young and hats for old, hats for out-doors and hats for the house, hats for people of different occupations. The commonest out-door hat is round, square-topped, and with the wide, flat, brim halfway up the crown. The hats worn at the royal court are like high skull-caps, with wide flaps or wings projecting at the sides. The straw hats worn by drovers 78and people in mourning are shaped like the top of a parasol and measure two feet and a half across.

Strange Peoples
by Frederick Starr
Published in 1901
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